{VIDEO} Reporter’s On-air Spat with Weatherman Goes Viral: ‘I’m done with you!’

Sometimes when you feel you’re right, you just can’t let it go, even if you happen to be in the middle of a live news broadcast in one of America’s largest cities.

Two anchors from Chicago’s legendary WGN studios couldn’t agree over how well traffic was flowing – or not – through O’Hare International Airport.

Weatherman Demetrius Ivory said the storms that swept through much of the Midwest Wednesday were causing significant delays.

Tonya Francisco who was reporting from the airport looked around and disagreed.

“I’m just talking like I see it,” said Francisco. “You see, I’m outside. I see what’s going on. You are inside talking about some little weather maps.”

Much to the amusement of those in the studio who can be heard laughing, Francisco began to read the airport boards and even noted there was one early arrival.

With a little egg on his face, Ivory asked his coworker for a little support.

“There’s a delay somewhere,” Ivory responded. “The least you could do is just help me out.”


That wasn’t going to happen.

Instead, Francisco took a friendly dig even deeper. “At risk of being attacked brutally, and needlessly from Demetrius, it’s not raining out here! And there are NO cancellations!” she joked pointing at the boards.

Francisco also touted checking Facebook and claimed to be getting all the support for her side of the story.

That’s when Ivory had enough, and with a coy smile said, “I’m done with you.”

WGN is locally known for its often light-hearted and witty reporting. Clearly the station enjoyed the back-and-forth and posted it online for all to enjoy.


Source: BizPac Review

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